Saturday, March 3, 2012

How would I use blogs, wikis and delicious with my EFL students?

how would i use blogs, wiki, Delicious ?

“How would I use blogs, wikis and delicious with my EFL students?”Don't answer in general. Specify activities.
 The using of websites such as blog, wiki and Delicious in teaching can be a powerful and effective technology tool for students and teachers 
 I would use the blog to improve my students’ skills like writing and speaking. They will learn English by writing in English and also writing to each other in English. Maybe ask them to comment on each other's blogs often. . For example, I will let them post freely whatever they want and comment on each other posts, students should post at least two times monthly. Then I’ll give them feedback.  Also, Blogs makes writing and speaking more interesting and fun.
Wikis for ESL class as a way to introduce information and give assignments, display student work, and provide students an opportunity to collaborate with other students learning English in building their own "class wiki" project.  For example, I would divide the class into groups; each group will have their wiki. I’ll post some topics related to our course, each group will select a topic and collect information about it, post it in their group wiki and discus it with their classmates.  

Delicious is a social bookmarking tool that every student would need that we can use to organize and share our bookmarks. It's the fact that your bookmarks are exclusively valuable to you personally, regardless of whether they are socially shared. for example, I would ask my students to make their own Delicious and for each lesson they have to bookmark an article or a website that they find it useful and beneficial to our lesson, and share it with their classmates.

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